Behavior of SYS_RESET expected

On the NX devkit, it seems SYS_RESET only reset the carrier board power rail. Right? Can I infer that the SYS_RESET only reset the carrier board, but has nothing to do with the NX module and the EFM8SB10F2G button MCU?


It has said in design guide: Module Reset. Reset to the module when driven low by the carrier board. Used as carrier board supply enable when pulled high by the module when module power sequence is complete. Used to ensure proper power on/off sequencing between module and carrier board supplies. 1kΩ pull-up to 1.8V on the module

Can you answer my question more clearly? If I assert the SYS_RESET, which partion of the DevKit will be reseted? From the words from the DG, it seems the module and the carrier board will be reset. The EFM8 will never be reseted, right?



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