Jetson Product Design Table 13-1 SYS_RESET*


I was checking through the product design guide for the Jetson Xavier NX one last time and I am confused by the wording in the following table:


The table says that SYS_RESET* is “Driven high” prior to SYS_RESET* Inactive. Everywhere else in the document suggests that the module pulls it to ground prior until the onboard supplies are ready and then pulls it to 1.8V with a 1kOhm pull up. Can you explain what driven high means in this context? If the signal is driven to 1.8V then care needs to be taken to ensure that any carrier board signals that can drive it to ground for the reset functionality are strictly disabled during start up.

Hi, it is a mistake. SYS_RESET* should be driven low and removed from the table. Thanks for the finding, it will be corrected in new release.

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Thanks for the quick response!

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