Weight and Carrier Board (Solved)

The weight of the devkit as a whole has been announced officially as 630 grams. As the devkit is not going to be deployed on a final system, what is the weight of the module alone? And are there any companies that have released carrier boards for it?

Hi, the Jetson AGX Xavier module weight is 280 grams +/- 10 grams, including the Thermal Transfer Plate (TTP).

Note that the devkit does not use the TTP, but a fully-integrated thermal solution with fan.

I was curious to know where I could purchase the Xavier Module alone with TTP which weighs 280 grams? I’d like to have the flexibility for a custom thermal solution placed on instead of the fully integrated one from the Devkit.

Alternatively, is there a way I can purchase the standard TTP, disassemble the devkit aluminum housing and thermal solution, then reassemble with TTP?


The standalone module with TTP is available through distributors, please see here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/buy/jetson-agx-xavier

Yes, the module/cooler assembly is removable from the devkit. The M.2 key M site resides on top of the devkit carrier under the module, so it is designed to be removed to accommodate that. What can’t be separated is the cooler from the module that comes with the devkit, they are bonded.

While it isn’t impossible to separate the cooler from the module that comes with the dev kit, it does require significant effort, and poses a high chance of causing damage. We’ve been able to do it, but found that purchasing the OEM module is a much simpler solution.

Can you purchase anywhere the Jetson AGX Xavier Dev kit Carrier module on its own without the heat sync and CPU.

I want to be able to use the Jetson module

and plug it into the Carrier module. Then use my own heat sync. We want to use it on a drone.

NVidia say here it can be done.