Weight of boards

I need the weight of every jetson boards.jetson nano,Tx2,Tx2 4GB,Tx2 NX,Tx2 i,Xavier NX and AGX

Hello @ingeniero

1) Carrier Board Weights (Without Modules):

1-1) Jetson Nano Dev Kit:
77 g (138-61)

1-2) Jetson TX2 Dev Kit:
314 g (we measured - carrier board with plastic bezel)

1-3) Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit:
96 g (carrier board with plastic bezel, wifi card and wifi antennas)

1-4) Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit:
100 g (we measured)

2) Module Weights:

2-1) Jetson Nano:
61 g (with heatsink/screws/spring)
15 g (only module)

2-2) Jetson TX2:
85 ±1.7% g

2-3) Jetson TX2 4GB:
86 g

2-4) Jetson TX2i:
99 ±2% g

2-5) Jetson Xavier NX:
76 g (module with heatsink and fan)
24 g (only module)

2-6) Jetson TX2 NX:
17 g (we measured)

2-7) Jetson AGX Xavier:
280 +/- 10 g


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That Was Really helpfull…Thanks Alot

Hi I want the weight of Tx1 also…And just for a clarification I don’t see much documentation regarding Tx1 why is that…Thanks in Advance…

It’s 88g

I think, this may cause the End of Life for TX1. But I’m not sure.