Total Weight - Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

What is the total weight of the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit?
Amazon displays the total package weight as ‎"3.67 pounds"
This Forum claims a weight of " 2-7) Jetson AGX Xavier: 280 +/- 10 g" (0.61 lbs)

The amazon weight includes the power adapter, box, and shipping carton.

I don’t know if the 280 grams is with or without heatsink and carrier board, though – the module datasheet doesn’t include a weight for module-only. My guess from just hefting it (I haven’t weighed it) is that the module plus heatsink plus carrier board is more like a pound? But I could be way off.

On the one hand, the devkit is not intended to go into real products, so not having weight specification for it isn’t entirely unreasonable, but the module itself really should have a weight datum in the datasheet, and it’s surprising that it doesn’t.

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