Minimum weight of Nano Board (without IO board and heatsink)

I found in the specs that the board with heat sink and dev kit is 138 grams. However, I would be very curious to know the weight of just the board with and without heatsink. Also did anyone try to operate the board without heatsink and monitored the temperatures.

Hi thais15, the weights are as follows:

Module without heatsink.......15 grams
Heatsink, 4 screws & spring...46 grams

So the weight of the module + heatsink/screws/spring is 61 grams.

It is not recommended to attempt running the module without some form of heatsink or cooling. You could try a smaller heatsink though.

Thanks for the quick response. A quick follow-up question. I’m hoping to operate it on a fixed wing. So there will be airflow but it might not be consistent. Does the board protect itself from overheating? I would assume there is some thermal throttling?


Yes, please refer to L4T document ->thermal/power management for detail.