Buy Jetson Nano without Heatskink


I would like to know if I can buy the Jetson Nano board without the heatsink.

Thanks in advance.

Hi andre.aguiar,

Sorry, I don’t think there is without the heatsink module for sale, customer only can try to remove it by themselves.

Hello, thank you for your reply.

Another question. Can I buy only the base board with the interfaces (USB, HDMI, etc…), without the pluggable GPU?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andre, there are various carrier boards available from ecosystem partners for the Jetson Nano commercial module, which just come as the carrier board:

The official Jetson Nano Developer Kit can’t be ordered as individual parts, it comes pre-assembled with the reference carrier board, module, and heatsink. The commercial Jetson Nano module comes as just the module, without heatsink. The commercial module is intended for production.