Jetson Nano Storage and Longevity

I’m looking to design the Jetson Nano into a product, and had a few questions.

Would it be possible to purchase the Nano module in the same build state as on the Development kit? That is, with a microSD card slot and heatsink attached instead of the 16GB eMMC with no heatsink.

Also, has Nvidia stated a guaranteed minimum timeframe that they will continue to produce the Nano module?


This page says Jetson Nano is available through January 2025.
This might be also useful:

Thanks for the links. Those are very helpful.

So I can probably work around the 16GB space in the MMC rather than the microSD. I still have a question about the heatsink. Is that available to purchase?

Hi, you can buy it from vendor, there is the info of heat sink here: