Is the Jetson Nano discontinued?

I noticed the Jetson Nano has been out-of-stock for quite some time. Is this product still supported or is it discontinued? I have seen a few websites mention the Nano Module is discontinued

Anyone know? bump

Hi @VictorB, sorry about that - Jetson Nano isn’t discontinued. Due to supply chain constrains, production capacity is going to the modules right now. Please work with the distributors to quote lead times and get your orders placed.

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Thank you for the response @dusty_nv really appreciate it

As dusty_nv metnion, Jetson Nano isn’t discontinued

The Jetson Nano production module is available through January 2025, per Jetson Lifecycle page

While distributors may not have inventory for e-tail orders from their websites, you should contact them to share your forecast. We continue to crank these modules out, and distributors will work with you on lead time and take your Purchase Order.

Thanks! Do you know if there are plans for NVIDIA to once again sell the Nano with their own carrier board (the b01 specifically) or are you folks going to strictly sell the module only moving forward?

Yes, we have the plan, but I don’t know the details and status. If urgent, you may purchase from our ecosystem partners with their carrier boards.

Thank you @kayccc that is great news. I am lucky to have a B01 already and will look forward to purchasing more from nvidia in the future.

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