Rumors: Tegra X1 discontinued

there are rumors that nvidia plans to discontinue Tegra X1, does this include Tegra X1+ built in the Jeston Nano? What does it mean for Jetson Nano users?


I didn’t hear this, not sure where this information from.

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Thanks for clarification.

Hi @XeroX, you can find the Jetson EOL dates documented on this page:

Jetson Nano modules are guaranteed to be available through 2025.

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Notice how the main part of the Original question has to date not fully been answered as to whether the Tegra X1+ chip is soon being discontinued.
Even when given a webpage of the lifecycle of these Nvidia products to look at.

Notice there is no product life cycle of the Tegra X1+ mentioned even when many other Tegra Processors ‘are’ mentioned, the Tegra X1+ product life cycle is not being shown to us. This information is currently not being disclosed officially by Nvidia. Keeping it secret.
Unless it is has been posted somewhere by Nvidia. All the rest of the chips & modules are disclosed but not the Tegra X1+.

Indeed the Jetson Nano module may well be said to be available until January 2025, BUT later on it may or may not have its current chip within it. That is up to the Nvidia developers & bosses.

Some OTHER chip may be utilised in future and then the Jetson Nano module still be made available until January 2025. Almost 4 years time so it may get a chip upgrade sometime in the future.
It could even be a better chip for a similar price. US$99 may be a bit of a price ceiling for that particular product that even Nvidia don’t want to go beyond.

Nvidia are developing better chips all the time. Hopefully the highly regarded & popular Nvidia Shield TV Pro will get an updated SOC chip along with more & faster Ram, higher onboard storage capacity & more codecs inc VVC H.266.
Nvidia can sell as many of those devices as they can make, especially if the specs are improved. I would get one. Almost just for the AI video enhancement feature on its own. Never waited expectantly for a tech product as much as (hopefully) the new Shield.

BTW, Nvidia DO KNOW whether the Tegra X1+ chip is being shortly discontinued. X amount of people at Nvidia do know what Nvidia is doing. Else a company would get nowhere fast. It isn’t than no one knows what they are doing. They have to plan their production well in advance.

Along with design of their future products. So Nvidia do know, just that we are not likely going to get told about it here. Until Nvidia decide to do so somewhere publicly. A common industry practice, though not always.

Can’t see what harm there would be if we were told, with folks that had some degree of loyalty to Nvidia even putting off purchasing products from rivals with the idea they would likely soon get a better than current product from Nvidia.
Though sales of their current Nvidia products may well be adversely effected if they were passed over, awaiting the new Nvidia product. They would though still likely get a sale, rather than going elsewhere.

Nvidia likely weigh it all up and as do many other players in the industry and as we see they all usually decide to keep quiet about these matters. Unless it slips out to 3rd party outfits either deliberately or otherwise or we are indeed told about it officially.

Nvidia Staff and other Tech industry staff are instructed to mind what they say in public, it is a very big thing with the bosses. Some being very severe in any transgression. Which Staff are mindful of.

So if we do not get the questions we ask fully answered, we can always read between the lines and read into it what we want to, but also consider the viewpoint of the tech company and their staff.
Some staff of which may not be even told about some matters. And if they were would for many understandable reasons be inclined to not tell us.

I suspect it is getting discontinued with current products using the Tegra X1+ T214 & possibly even the TM660M chip in the Jetson Nano module getting updated.

The Tegra X1+ & the chip in the Nano module have been handy chips to have designed and been utilised, IF soon replaced we’ll just have to see what we get.

The Jetson Nano module will continue being with the TX1 chip. There is a future version of Jetson Nano with a different SoC planned on the Jetson Hardware Roadmap (Nano Next). However this is a different product than the original Jetson Nano. The Nano data on the Jetson Product Lifecycle page is specific to the original Jetson Nano module based on TX1.