Jetson Nano Production SOM Supply/Stock

When do you expect to have more supply of the Jetson Nano Production SOM? Arrow has stopped responding to inquiries on this product.

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I don’t understand why none from the moderators responded to this question althought it is a very imporatant one. My whole business is counting on high volumes of jetson nano dev boards as soon as possibal, and i can’t seem to find any clue about when they will be available again.

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We are having challenges with various components and are working continuously to address the issue. In meantime, if you are building a commercial product might want to consider our partner systems if they have inventory.

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Thank you for your fast and clair answer, but can you please give us any aproximate date when the nano dev boards will be available again ? maybe weeks ? couple of months ? 6 months ? a year ?. It is important to us so we can organize and schedule our manufacturing chain.

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@kayccc It appears that your partners feel NVIDIA does not allow them to sell the SOMs directly, even at a markup. They only will sell their carrier systems + SOM.

As many of us are building our own carrier systems, that’s a lot of extra money to throw away on something we don’t need.

Do you allow partners who have purchased SOMs already to sell them directly? Or only inside their products?

We sell Nano production modules through our distributors.
Please contact with them, or wait their response.


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