Jetson nano dev board availability and lifecycle

We work with Jetson nano dev kit for a product line. We like the kit as a bundle. We would like to know if the Jetson nano dev kit will be available as a bundle at large numbers(1000s) until the specified lifecycle of until 2025? Or once the Jetson Nano Production boards are ready, will we face any kind of procurement bottlenecks for the dev boards?

I’m glad to hear of your interest in Jetson Nano! You should plan to use the upcoming Jetson Nano module (900-13448-0020-000). It has a 5-year operating lifetime and is suitable for deployment in a production environment, unlike the Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

If you don’t intend to create your own carrier board, our Jetson Ecosystem Partners will offer “off the shelf” carrier boards suitable for production use, or you can work with them for a custom design tailored to your use case.

By the way, you should note that the Lifecycle (availability) information we share is always about the Jetson modules, not the Jetson developer kits. For example, we no longer sell the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit, but Jetson TX1 modules will remain available through January 2021.

If we’re interested in designing/developing our own carrier board, where can we find HW Reference design information on the Jetson Nano module?

Thank you

Coming soon!

We released a number of design collateral documents on June 10, including the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide. We maintain a “pinned” topic here on the forum that lists documentation and other resource links:

It’s almost the end of June. Is the hardware reference kit available yet? We need to design our own carrier board.

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hi, what is the difference betweeen 900-13448-0020-000 and the current one? would the current ones have long term support as well? since i am alrwady doing development with it. thanks