Why jetson nano always out of stock

Dear Nvidea team ,

May we my know why jetson nano is always out of stock being sold like 3-4 times more its listed price ? this does not inspire much confidence in edge computing or embedded developer if start developing on hardware platform which always out of stock and sold and only available in black markets …been forced to switched to new cheaper and extremely low power RISC V based NPU , though bit limited but at least they are available !! Having hardware platform is no use if its not available !!! please diversify your supply chain with manufacturing India , Taiwan , South korea , germany , US …if you are really serious and stop wasting time to acquire ARM …otherwise developers and embedded OEM will silently quit and move RISC V or other alternatives …if production has stopped than please let us know , so that we stop wasting our time


Hello @gp1sxfb

Thank you for reaching out on the NVIDIA Developer Forum. This forum is designed primarily for the technical problems/queries that our end users face while using using our hardware/software products. Your concern seems to be on a different angle.
In either case, NVAPI is not the correct section for the posts related to Jetson-nano. Hence, I am moving this to the Jetson section of the forum.
I will also try to pass on your concern to the relevant business group.

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I agree entirely with “gp1sxfb”

My project is close to be dead because of your out of stock policy.
I bought 20 nano boards, experiment, broke some , and when I am close to be ready
I find out you stopped the sale … but you can get similar ones at three time the price
through some of your partners

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Could you share this info to us to investigate?

Hi kayccc

I think there is nothing to investigate …

Jetson Nano Development Kit is out of stock and if you need something similar you have to buy one module from nvidia and one carrier board from other companies

Some distributors says nano kit is out of production
Some distributor say nano kit is out of stock
Some distributor say nano kit will be back by next december …

How can we plan …

Thanks anyway for this chat

Here what everybody can find on the web :

seeedstudio recomputer j20 $259 https://www.seeedstudio.com/Jetson-10-1-H0-p-5335.html
AverMedia - (NO111B) NVIDIA Jetson Nano (Version B01) System €523
seed A206 CARRIER BOARD FOR NVIDIA €200 (without the module)
auvidea jn30b-lc €114 without the module

okdo NVIDIA® Jetson Nano Development Kit €122.74 out of stock
arrow 945-13450-0000-100 | Jetson Nano Developer Kit $99 out of stock
siliconhighway 945-13450-0000-100 | Jetson Nano Developer Kit €82.5 out of stock