TX2 EDU discount

I live in Saudi Arabia. Can I get EDU discount for purchasing the development kit?
Thank you

Hi hdhaheri, please refer to my post here:


Thank you for your reply. Will I be able to get the discount from those suppliers? I have a shipping address in the US, can I use it for the discount?

You should be able to get the discount through Silicon Highway. If you have a US shipping address, it will be easiest just to use the US discount through NVIDIA.com webstore. Since your university is located abroad, I will send you a single-unit discount code to redeem.

Thank you. Placed the order.

Hi dusty_nv, I am from FRC Team 6241. One of our mentors submitted a request for the EDU discount a week ago using his alumni.edu email. We haven’t heard anything back. What should be our next step?

Thank you,

FRC Team 6241: CowTech

Hi julia.hunt, I was able to find the request and manually sent it out to your mentor as it was using an alumni e-mail. Good luck this season!

I am a student from IIT Madras and I am part of a student run team working in computer vision. Can we get any sort of discount on buying a tx2?
Thanks in advance