How to make your own custom board for tx2 soc

how can i develop a custom board for tx2 as i need a compacter design as 17cm x 17 cm is not very compact, i know hdl but i dont where to begin , please help

You can only get modules and build a carrier board for it, the individual SoC chip wouldn’t be available. I am guessing that carrier board is what you mean. The OEM Product Design Guide is here:$product,jetson_tx2

There is also a reference schematic for the dev kit carrier board. Find that here:$product,jetson_tx2

are there any video tutorials on this topic anywhere on web which will be helpful in carrier board design

not necesssarily for tx2 but any soc so that it can give me a basic how
idea to do that

There are tutorials about trace sizes, trace layout and signal quality, so on, but I do not know of anything for building an entire board. Much is out there on circuit board design and best practices, but it is a lot of information and I don’t know of any which create a carrier board from start to finish. I doubt you’d be able to accomplish this effectively without an 8-layer board, which is a significant learning curve.

You could look at somewhere like YouTube to get an idea: