HDMI LCD display interface with Jetson Tx2 NX

I am using HDMI based LCD micro display for jetson tx2 nx with J202 carrier board ,do i need to install any specific drivers or how exactly it is interfaced with board?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @pallavig2307 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I will move you over to the dedicated Jetson forums for consistency, but I think I can answer your question as well.

The J202 has a dedicated HDMI output which will be used by the Jetson, that means if you use an LCD display with HDMI input it should “just work” when installing the Jetpack SDK.

The manufacturer of the Display module should also have a compatibility chart where you can double check if you need to adjust for example the boot config on a ARM/Linux device to be able to see HDMI output. But for Jetson that should not be necessary.

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