imx219 camera on TX2, Auvidia J120 with Jetpack 4.2


I’d like to connect Rasp Pi imx219 camera to the TX2, using Jetpack 4.2 on an Auvidia J120.

I was looking at the guide,tx2,kernel,driver/2017/12/15/tx2-rpi-camera-port.html

However this is for the older version of Jetpack, using kernel 4.4 and not 4.9.

I understand camera sensor drivers are completely different for 4.9, therefore the changes to the IMX219 driver are not relevant.

Does the latest IMX219 driver work on the TX2 using CSI?
Do I still need to update the device tree?

I see there is a lot of discussion on this topic but nothing concrete for Jetpack 4.2.

Could someone help please?



hello marc.armstrong,

you should upgrade kernel drivers for kernel-4.9.
you can go through Camera Sensor Drivers Porting Guide to find differences between release-28 and the current release.
however, you might download older version of Jetpack for quick verification. please access JetPack Archive for previously released versions.


Thanks for your response. I’ll look at the porting guide in more detail. The problem is I know that the old driver doesn’t work with the Auvidia carrier board and needs a lot of changes to the device tree and driver, according to,tx2,kernel,driver/2017/12/15/tx2-rpi-camera-port.html

so I need to rely on a third party driver that works with kernel 4.4 and then port this to kernel 4.9.

I haven’t spent too much time on this so far to understand the real issues yet and am trying to scope the development work involved to get this camera working with the TX2, as it might be better buying another camera.

Sorry for my naivety but there are a few things that it would be good to know first, such as :

  • Is the latest IMX219 compatible with the Auvidea J120 carrier board?
    I think the issue is the 22 pin CSI interface but in another post it was mentioned that the driver had been fixed on the nano for kernel 4.9. There was nothing clarified for the TX2.

  • If not, do I need to modify the driver, the device tree or both?

  • Has anyone else got the IMX219 camera working with the TX2 on an Auvidea carrier board with a 22 pin CSI port?


hello marc.armstrong,

suggest you contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions.