/dev/video0 not found

Hello, I am trying to get the camera working, I don’t understand why the following error raises: Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory
I am using IMX129-200 camera on 2GB Jetson Nano.
Please help

Look like the sensor driver is not ready. Do you use Rapberry Pi camera v2? This camera should work by default. If you use other camera, please contact camera vendor for porting the sensor driver.

Just a note on the topic: The file you are looking for is not a “real” file. This would actually be a driver in RAM pretending to be a file for read/write, and created when the driver takes responsibility for seeing that hardware (which is a “standard” USB Video class hardware). What you see in “dmesg” related to that camera will tell you if (A) the device is visible, and (B), when visible, what driver takes responsibility. For the case of “hot swap” devices (e.g., USB) you can monitor “dmesg --follow” and see what shows up upon plugin.

If the device is not found, then there is a chance that software or firmware was not present which was able to do this.

I am using IMX 219-200 camera.
I have installed arducam driver. The error remains

The device is found, however, the log shows:
arducam-csi2: arducam_read: Reading register 0x103 failed
arducam-csi2: 6-000c: probe failed
arducam-csi2: 6-000c: Failed to setup board

Is it the problem with the installed driver?

I couldn’t say for sure, but it seems there is an issue related to the driver talking to the camera. This could conceivably be a bug in the driver, but more likely it is something which is needed in “infrastructure” to talk to the camera. An example which is all too common is not having a correct device tree. A device tree is used to set up routing and function of various pins for the particular carrier board, and as an example, the driver might try to talk to a camera using the wrong wires and get such an error.

Please note that “/dev/video0” is only available on USB cameras. Using something other than the UVC class driver on a “/dev/video#” will fail; conversely, using a default UVC driver for a non-USB camera will also fail since UVC requires USB. You’ve shown your camera model, which provides basic information on some driver requirements, but you’ve not stated how the camera connects. Is it USB?

EDIT: Apparently some MIPI CSI cameras can use and create a “/dev/video#” file by using the same driver as USB, but there may be stipulations. One of which is that very likely the device tree has to correctly set up i2c for query of the camera before software can know the camera is there. This leads to the same issue as before though, that if device tree is not set up correctly, not only would i2c fail, but so would the generation of the “/dev/video#” file. You should be certain your device tree is set up correctly for that camera and carrier board combination (and I have no way to know what is needed for that).

Please contact the camera vendor for help.
Raspberry Pi camera V2 is also imx219. You may consider get one and try.


I noticed that you are using IMX219-200, which is not arducam IMX219 camera. And you have installed the arducam driver. We cannot promise that arducam driver can be used with another camera. They may have made some modifications to the camera program.
You can contact the camera supplier and confirm with them if you can use a different driver.
Best regards,
Arducam Support

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