Jetson Nano B01 /dev/video1 not working

Hello All, I’ve been working with an Nvidia Jetson Nano BO1, and I have 2 RPi cameras attached to it, both cameras work properly when attached to port 0, but if I have one camera attached to each of the ports, I get /dev/video1 no such file or directory.

Once again /dev/video0 works and ls /dev/video* only shows video0

If anyone has an idea it will be welcome

can you give more info?

I had same issue
these were my problems:
connection problem, camera problem, cable problem, again connection problem.
and connect your cameras before booting up jetson nano

you may also try gstreamer commands by selecting sensor id = 1
if it says there is no sensor with id 1 probably you did not connect any camera to connector 1

Hello Muhammed,

I’ll be honest with you, I restarted my Jetson and after the reboot I used the ls /dev/video* command and both of my cameras showed up. I have no idea what may be going on in there, but I upgraded my opencv and also I restarted nvargus with command: sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon

So I have no idea what solved the issue

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hello nestor.piedra,

please ensure you’d camera connected with power-supply disconnected.
there’s probing process in the kernel initialization stage, it’s tegracam by default to detect IMX219 sensor drivers.
please gather kernel initial messages for reference. $ dmesg > klog.txt