Jetson TX1 Video Encode

I noticed that TX1 video encode only goes to 30fps at 4K - will any TX1 revisions be 60fps at 4K for video encode? I have heard rumors about a TX1+ model that might fit this specification? Please let me know if you have a product or plan to support video encoding at 4K 60fps.


Ho Brian,
On tx1, the spec is 4Kp30. You can try to run 4Kp60, but it is not officially guaranteed.

If I have a TX1 supported camera module that states the camera takes 4K images/video at 300 fps, if I hard wire the camera directly to the TX1 processor will it be able to decode the data from the camera module? The TX1 datasheet says it is only capable of 30 fps, I want to make sure that no data loss will occur between the camera and TX1 processor.

Thanks for your support on this,

Hi gbaxen,
Shouldn’t the camera be connected to the CSI port on TX1, offering BAYER/YUV inputs? Not pretty sure what ‘decode’ means here. Please give detail about your usecase.

Here is the list of parts:

• NVidia Jetson TX-1 SOM
• Leopard Imaging TX-1 Carrier Card
• 2 x Leopard Imaging IMX 274 Sensor with M-12 lens holder
• 2 x Leopard Imaging 300mm MIPI-CSI Cable
• 2 x Xiamen Leading Optics Lens N123B02723WM12
• RAVPower Battery RP-PB14
• Samsung PRO 128GB SD Card (fastest write time, will accept comparable substitutes)

The user case is a sports field camera

Hi gbaxen,
Please refer to ‘Sensor Driver Programming Guide’ in Documentation

And the example case 4K 300fps exceeds the HW limitation. You have to add 4K 30fps mode in device tree so that TX1 can retrieve data successfully.