Nvidia Tegra K1 4K encode

Hi All,

I would like to know the hardware capability of TK1 for H.264 4K encode. Below are my queries:

  1. Can TK1 perform 4K @ 30 fps H.264 encode?
  2. Which video format does the hardware encoder supports - 8/10 bit & 4:2:2/4:2:0?


Khader Shareef

Documentation says:

Up to 1080p
30 fps
Up to 50 Mbps

But the documentation also lists only 1080p for decode too and it definitely can decode 2160p… I don’t have access to Jetson TK1 now, so I can’t test it.

2>Support YUV420 input.

Thanks, the TK1 datasheet specifies it can do H.264 encode of 2160p24.

  1. Can anyone confirm if this is the maximum H.264 encode resolution that the device supports?
  2. Is this tested on TK1?
  3. Also when the datasheet states 2160p it is 4096x2160 or 3084x2160?

2160p = 3840x2160 = 4k

2160p means 2160 vertical pixels. 3840x2160 means exactly 3840x2160 pixels. And when somebody says “4k”, it can mean pretty much anything.

So saying that they all equal is plain wrong and causes even more confusion.

E.g. typical “4k” TVs are UltraHD TVs, i.e. 3840x2160.

4096x2160 is Digital Cinema Initiative’s 4K standard and even though some TVs support that resolution, I think their real aspect ratio actually matches the UltraHD aspect ratio.

If the datasheet says “2160p” then it’s inaccurate and doesn’t tell the real limits.