Accelerating Machine Learning on a Linux Laptop with an External GPU

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With the introduction of Intel Thunderbolt 3 in laptops, you can now use an external GPU (eGPU) enclosure to use a dedicated GPU for gaming, production, and data science. A Thunderbolt 3 eGPU setup consists of A discrete GPUAn enclosure to house it inA power supplyA Thunderbolt 3 connection to the laptop Most enclosures provide…

Hi, this is Dhruv. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Setting up my TB3 eGPU came at the heels of using eGPUs throughout my time at university and trying to create a compact system when I joined NVIDIA during WFH. At university I used an Expresscard based eGPU setup with my T430 for my AI and Parallel Programming courses. When I got a TB3 machine, the theoretical performance increase from the improved bandwidth led me to getting an eGPU setup instead of a workstation. Since then, I’ve been very pleased with the performance and portability of the solution. It’s hard to beat being able to work on the couch and then plug into the eGPU on the desk for some compute.
I hope you have a great experience if you decide to use an eGPU for your work. If you have any questions or comments, let me know, and we can try to resolve them :)