ACE R&D testing options?

Dear devs,

I’m leading a start up that will benefit from the ACE solutions. At the moment we’re doing extensive R&D on other technologies, but we’re on time to chose a different path. Then I’m afraid it would be late to re-code: is there a way to have a talk for doing some testing with your solution?


Are you a part of the Inception Program? If so, you should reach out to your inception account manager. They have resources to help with this kind of request. Join NVIDIA Inception for Startups

Reading the requirements we are not fully compliant, and this one sounds weird - as a startup

Minimum requirements
** Your startup needs to be incorporated and have been incorporated in the last 10 years.*

Please contact me directly - and I can put you in touch with our Inception team who can advise

Ok, done thanks

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