addPluginV2 using ITensor* const* as input

Hi all,

I am currently trying to code up my network definition using C++ API. I created my custom plugin and tried to add it to the network using the following code:

UpsampleBy2* upsample_plugin = new UpsampleBy2();
auto some_layer = network->addPluginV2(relu_5_2->getOutput(0), 1, *upsample_plugin);

But the compiler would throw me the following error:

argument of type "nvinfer1::ITensor *" is incompatible with parameter of type "nvinfer1::ITensor *const *"

I guess my first question is why addPluginV2 wants an ITensor * const* as input, while all the other functions like addConvolution, addActivation expect ITensor &.

My second question is how to resolve this issue. I tired to search this as a generic C++ problem on stackoverflow but didn’t seem to find much useful info. I tired to cast the pointer directly but the compiler doesn’t like that either.

Also, I am wondering if there’s any more up-to-date example of using addPluginV2? Up till now, I’ve been following the online documentation ( and the sample provided in TensorRT/samples/sampleUffSSD. But these resources are not always consistent. For instance, I don’t think addPlugin is even called in the sample project.

So I think I figured out the ITensor* const* part. It’s because some layers (e.g. concatenation) takes more than one input tensors.
Can’t delete the post. So I will just leave it here.