Advanced driver-assistance system on Jetson Nano with 3 neural networks

(Demonstration video is in the first post below because I only can add 3 links per post).

Currently, I built an advanced driver-assistance system on Jetson Nano with four main functions: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and overspeed warning. In this project, I trained and optimized three deep neural networks to run simultaneously on Jetson Nano (CenterNet-ResNet18 for object detection, U-Net for lane line segmentation and ResNet-18 for traffic sign classification). Checkout my project and the source code in following blog posts.

Look forward to seeing your comments!


Nice, Some one else has a project for driver situational awareness floating around here too. Couple of nano’s and you’ve got a nice lil interior and exterior management system. :)

Cool project, thanks for posting! Nice work with all your DNNs and the performance on Nano.

Awesome work @vietanhdev!

Great blog post on CenterNet-Resnet18 as well.


Is this project open source? Also, what type of algorithm are you using (e.g., CARS, ACARS, etc)?

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