AER: Corrected error received: 0004:00:00.0

I’m setting up a custom board using the Nvidia Jetson orin nx 16gb GPU chip.
I installed an SSD and flashed a Linux image onto the carrier board via recovery mode, then proceeded to boot from the custom board.
However, I encountered the following error and would like to know how to resolve it.
I confirmed that it boots normally from the carrier board.

Booting Error Log.txt (350.8 KB)

[ 8.953119] pcieport 0004:00:00.0: AER: Multiple Corrected error received: 0004:00:00.0
[ 8.961368] pcieport 0004:00:00.0: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, (Receiver ID)
[ 8.971224] pcieport 0004:00:00.0: device [10de:229c] error status/mask=00000001/0000e000
[ 8.979825] pcieport 0004:00:00.0: [ 0] RxErr

[ 10.305905] nvme 0004:01:00.0: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, (Transmitter ID)
[ 10.305906] nvme 0004:01:00.0: device [144d:a809] error status/mask=00009001/0000e000
[ 10.305907] nvme 0004:01:00.0: [ 0] RxErr
[ 10.305908] nvme 0004:01:00.0: [12] Timeout

Hi kin4057,

Is that custom board designed by you? and you are trying to bring up that board?
If so, have you referred to Configuring the PCIe Controller?

What’s your Jetpack version in use? (JP5.1.1?)

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