AGX ORIN D-PHY Video Decoder Clock Input

We are trying to interface a Renesas ISL79987 4-CH Video Decoder with MIPI CSI-2 v1.1 interface and physical layer MIPI D-PHY v1.1 to the AGX ORIN. Both ISL79987 Decoder and AGX ORIN ‘output’ the CSI-2 MCLK. How do we input the ISL79987 MCLK to a ORIN CSI-2 clock input?

Renesas ISL79987 is a video source and you would like to let Orin capture the video frames through v4l2 interface, like a USB camera or Bayer sensor. Is this correct? Would like to make sure we understand the use-case correctly.

Yes, ISL79987 is a 4:1 CH Video Decoder with 2-Lane CSI output and clock.
Unlike cameras, which take a MCLK clock input, the decoder outputs its clock.

This may not work properly. Generally our CSI interface is for cameras such as Bayer sensor or camera sensor. Other type of device does not work.

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