V4L2 Video decoder driver MIPI CSI 2 to Jetson AGX Orin

Hi all,

I’m currently using a video decoder ISL7998 with a MIPI CSI 2 output, we’ve a custom carrier board to interface the decoder with the Jetson AGX Orin camera connector.

The driver we’re using is the isl7998x driver from Linux kernel 5.18 isl7998x driver

In fact that the JetPack 5 inculde Linux kernel 5.10, we backported the driver for this version of Linux kernel, now, we’re wondering if we have to use camera core library inteface or now we only have to add the driver and the device tree source include with this latter using directly V4L2 interface ?



Depend on your request. If don’t need ISP for demosaic you can just using V4L2 interface only.

Hi @ShaneCCC
Thank your for your answer, indeed i’m not going to use the ISP in fact that the video decoder output is YCbCr images.
So, just to be clear, from now i dont need to modify the driver in fact thats it’s already based on V4L Framework, i just need to create the device tree for the Jetson AGX Orin ?

Is there any exemples about dtsi files for video decoder with MIPI-CSI 2 output for AGX Orin ?


OK, looks like I miss understand your question. Suppose you need implement driver and device tree for Orin.
Below is sensor programing guide for your reference. And you can reference to …/kernel/nvidia/driver/media/i2c/tc358840.c


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