AGX Xavier casing connected to ground?


I have a question regarding the casing of the NVIDIA AGX Xavier Industrial module,
is the casing (outer shell of aluminium) connected to the module digital GND pins of the main Molex connector?

Or is the casing insulated from the ground signal?

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Please refer to some topics in forum.

Hi again,

the linked topic does not answer my question. Please read and try to understand my question.


As said in the topic, it should be anodized. You can use multimeter to check if it is still conductive.

I don’t have access to a development kit. This question should be rather easy to answer for an FAE at NVIDIA. We are developing a product around this module.

The question is not if the casing is conductive (it is made of alu, it is), it is if the casing is connected via the copper trace on the outer edge of the JAX/i module.
It seems to have ground vias all around the PCB, which makes me think that the outer casing is also connected to the digital ground of the JAX/i PCB.

Also, this information should be stated in the datasheet of the module.

Can you confirm this?


Hello, I measured on NVIDIA AGX Xavier that the shell is connected to the digital GND pin of the module on the main Molex connector.
Hope this helps you.


A big thanks to you from us, all the best!


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