Jetson AGX Xavier & JAXi case material finish out-gassing

I am planning to use a Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial in a environment that has stringent out-gassing requirements. The datasheet for the Xavier does not contain any information about the exterior finish and I require that information to proceed with this project. Can you provide either the surface coatings used on the Jetson AGX Xavier & JAXi or the out-gassing ratings for the coating?

Hi crzummallen,

We’re checking with internal team, will do the update once got the response.

There are no coatings used in the module, the mixed gas test is ongoing with standard of IEC60068-2-60. Op/Non-Op, 40C, 75%RH, SO2 0.2ppm, H2S 0.01ppm, NO2 0.2ppm, Cl2 0.01ppm, 21days, 1h ON/1h OFF.

@Trumany If there is no coating on the module what is giving the case its black coloration? I can very clearly see the bare aluminum on some parts of the case so there must be some process performed that causes the outside of the housing to appear black. Is there some form of black oxidization process used on the aluminum?

Please refer to this topic: Jetson TX2i TPP surface finishing black painting material

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