We need the Industry Grade (-40 ~ + 85°C) AGX Xavier module

We need the Industry Grade (-40 ~ + 85°C) AGX Xavier module ,but I see the specific is only -25C – 80°C .

Hi, Tony. We plan industrial version of Jetson AGX Xavier module for next year.

Good to know. But what does the -25C to 80C spec mean?

So far my unit never can survive over GPU temperature > 45C, every time when tegrastats showing GPU temperature >= 45C, my unit crash with nvgpu_set_error_notifier_locked:137 [ERR] and self reboot. So I am not sure I understand this thermal spec of up to 80C really mean. Could anyone confirm that his/her AGX Xavier unit can run apps at GPU temperature @ 70C without a hiccup? Thanks.

I see the -25C – 80°C from DATA SHEET “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Series System-on-Module”
Operating Requirements -25C – 80°C

See the datasheet as Tony_Li mentioned, and also the Jetson AGX Xavier Thermal Design Guide.

Are you able to say what quarter this will be available in 2021? -Thanks

Hi nateknight,

Please refer to Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer

Awesome. Thanks.

I saw somewhere that there is an early access program for information on the industrial module. How does a person sign up for that?

The early access program is for ecosystem partner only, not opened for personal.
Sorry for that.

Thanks for the information. Can you point me to information on the ecosystem partners program. My interest in the information is not for personal use, but for a product my company is planning to release early next year.

You may need to contact with our region sales to do the further discussion.
There are some process for the agreement such as NDA…etc.