Max Temperature Range

What is the max temperature range that the Jetson AGX Xavier can operate? Is it possible for it to operate at -40C?

Hi, it is -20C - 80C, you can find the info in module data sheet in DLC.

Hi Trumany,

Where do you see this? I followed your link and saw several data sheets, but not one for Jetson AGX. Will you please let me know the name of the document you are referencing. Also I was reading application note that was able to go to -25C?

If the Jetson AGX really can only go to -20C, Do you have any suggestion of similar parts that can go to -40C?

Sorry for typo, it should be -25C -80C per module datasheet:

Thank you for the link. On the data sheet I see where it was tested from -40°C to 105°C, 750 cycles, non-operational. However, the listed min storage temperature is -25. What happens between -25 and -40?

Also is there any operational data available for the range -25 and -40?

Do you mean the ‘board-level temp cycling’ test? "This test is conducted to determine the ability of components and solder interconnects to withstand mechanical stresses induced by alternating high- and low-temperature extremes. " , it is not operating temp or storage temp.

Is there any operational data available for the range -25 and -40?

No such data available.