Temperature spec of Xavier NX

We are at the moment using TX2i because we need -40 … +80 temperature spec. What is the temperature spec of Xavier NX?

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It is -25C ~ 90C as you can find in datasheet. https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-data-sheet-v13

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is there a plan for -40 C?

Not yet.

Is -25~90C the Tj of SOC?

Refer to Jetson Nano, Temperature range (Tj) described in “JetsonNano DataSheet” is -25-97C.
And, in document “Jetson-Nano-module-datasheet”, Operating Temperature is -25-80C.
I can’t find the document of Jetson Xavier NX module datasheet, just find Temperature Range(Tj):-25-90C in Jetson Xavier NX Datasheet.
How about the operating temperature of Jetson Xavier NX “module”?

Yes, it is Tj of maximum operating temperature as said in module datasheet, the NX datasheet is for module. ‘JetsonNano DataSheet’ is for module which range is -25 - 97C as you can find in DLC.

Can you tell where is the doc ‘Jetson-Nano-module-datasheet’ from?

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I uploaded the file(translate it from PDF to JPG). The file name is “jetson-nano-module-datasheet-us-1031771-r3-hr”
I forgot where it came from.
You can see the Environment Operating Temperature is -25 to 80C.

Let me confirm again, Please correct it if I am wrong.
The maximum operating temperature(Tj) is not maximum environment temperature for use.
For design, it needs to have a FAN+heat sink which can limit CPU temperature under the maximum operating temperature(Tj).


Without the TTP, it makes no sense to spec the environmental operating temperature. So we ended up specifying the Tj on Nano and NX. For more info please refer to thermal design guide, there are detail requests on the design.

I understand the meaning.
The different heat treatment gives different result.

One more question, the heat sink of Developer Kit of Jetson nano or Jetson Xavier NX is designed by NVIDIA and screwed on module. They are fixed and (or will be) sold to end user.
Does NVIDIA have environment operating temperature of these 2 product(because the heat sink is already on it and supposed it won’t be changed by end user)?


No as no TTP either. The thermal solution is attached on chip directly, so it is same to monitor Tj.

OK, Thank you.