Jetson Nano Coldest Operating Temperature

Hello! I have a pretty simple question pertaining to the operating temperature limits of the Nano. I see in the datasheet an operating temperature lower limit of -25C, but a storage temp of -40C. Does this mean if I try to power the module at -40C, it’s not guaranteed to work? Or does this mean at -40C at idle, the unit would exhibit a -25C temperature at idle? We’re looking to use these as an embedded graphics processor, and our lower temp spec is -40C. Thanks for your help in advance!

Your operating temperature is unusual. I think TX2i has extended operating range till-40°C. This is not the price of a Nano, though.

It’s military application, so they needs things to run pretty cold and hot. Our display can hit that functional range, so we were hoping to find a solution like the Nano (tiny and powerful) that could match the range.