Operating TX1 in cold temperatures, < -25C

According to the Jetson TX1 module data sheet, the lowest operating (and storage) temperature is -25C.
Is there a specific reason why this is? Or is it just that NVIDIA has not tested it below this temperature?

If I want to operate my TX1 based system under (for instance) very cold winter temperatures reaching -40C or lower, do I need to provide some kind of heating element in my mechanical enclosure?
I realize that the TX1 will heat up when operating. But what if I need to cold boot when in low temperatures?

Hi geoffrey,

NVIDIA TX1 processor is said to be in commercial and not in industrial temperature range.
So it is already a good thing that NVIDIA tested it for the range -25°C/0°C (commercial = 0-70°C).

Except the processor itself, I think the LPDDR4 could be the only other component outside -40°C tolerance (all other memories, GigaEthernet controller, WiFi/BT module and so on should be OK ).

Then for a cold boot under -40°C/-25°C range I would say it should be okay for a personnal use and not extended or repeated… Otherwise you could imagine a pre-warm system for heating it up a little bit before booting.


What about storage? Is there a good reason that the TX1 could not be stored (not operating) at cold temperatures (e.g. -40C).

Aside from the risk of condensation, there’s nothing wrong with storing the module in -40 temperatures.

The TX1 chip storage temperature is -40 to 125c
The TX1 module board storage temperature is -25 to 125c