the high temperature environment,TX1 cannot normal boot

As Jeston TX1 in the high temperature environment like above 40 degrees, system card dead and cannot normal boot, does the TX1 set the temperature protection?

Yes, above a certain temperature the TX1 will not boot. However, the system should be able to run continuously up to a environment of 80C assuming it has its heatsink. If your unit is going to be in hot environments continuously, it’s probably best to keep the unit on.

The TX1 will start to thermal throttle around 90C and shutdown around 100C.

Hi zhengwenling,

Could you pls share more details, such as is it a cold start or a hot reset? Is it in a chamber? What’s your test steps? Is this a Jeston TX1 board with unchanged thermal design?

I bought the TX1 development board in the official, it has been put in 55 degrees high temperatures for an hour, trying to start, but the system could not normal boot

So it’s cold start in 55C environment, right?
Can this board enter recovery mode?
Did you check if the thermal plate contact well with chip?
You can read the temperature value of each thermal zone when successfully power on to check if it is normal. (/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp)

We are observing this behavior as well. The board goes into thermal shutdown as expected (90-100C), but will refuse to boot if it is above 50C.

This is unacceptably low for an embedded product. Is there any way to control this maximum power-on temperature?

Hi SamL,

Could you pls tell the version number of module and carrier board, some labels with numbers like 699-82180-xxxx-xxx on module and 699-82597-xxxx-xxx on carrier board?


The default protection temperature is 44C, if you want to implement power-on above it, please refer to this topic to add patch or upgrade to 24.1

Thanks for the details, we’ll upgrade to latest.