Is there any temperature software interface on JETSON TX1?

我方发现对JETSON TX1进行高温试验,并用温度传感器贴在模块的外壳下。高温运行在88度是没有问题,但是在该温度下重启,系统就不断进行重启。
所以考虑到了一个问题:模块是不是软件有个接口在控制温度的上限。如果有该接口,那么它在哪里? BOOT下的代码是哪个?

We found that JETSON TX1 for high temperature test, and with a temperature sensor attached to the module shell. High temperature running at 88dgrees is no problem, but at this temperature,we restart the module, the system will continue to restart.
We look at the high temperature restart temperature and found that the critical temperature of 84 degrees, and very accurate, as long as a more than 84 degrees,module can not be restarted. A lower than 84 degrees, high temperature operation can be restarted.
So taking into account a problem: Is there any temperature software interface on TX1 to control temperature not to access the upper limit. If there is that interface, then where is it? Which is the code under BOOT?

There’s a document for TX1 thermal. There’s /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zoneX for control.

Does any error/warning message while the system reboot?