TX1 temprature issue


we want to build a secure and stable TX1 system, so need control TX1 temprature to not excced 80 degree of TX1 TTP or 89 degree of TX1 inode temprature.

unfortunately when it tries to run two algorithm threads and environment tempratue is 34 degree, inode temprature of TX1 is up to 96~98 degree. it can’t automaticly control temprature below 89 degree of TX1 inode temprature via TTP and low frequency. sometimes TX1 is corrupt.

otherwise, we have tried another ubuntu kernel, if it doesn’t run algorithm or other application, the initial temprature difference is 15~20 degree use nvidia ubuntu kernel and another ubuntu kernel. if it runs the same algorithm threads, it doesn’t exceed 89 degree. i think it is because TX1 chip clock-reset module is not controled perfectly.

so, can nvidia provide another ubuntu kernel for us?

Hi am.xiao,

As you said - " we have tried another ubuntu kernel", why do you still want us to provide another Ubuntu kernel?

Besides, what’s the algorithm you ran on device?
Have you followed the thermal design guide to implement a thermal solution for Jetson module?


thanks your response.

  1. another ubuntu kernel is copied from other product, i am not sure where it has any risks.
  2. on nvidia ubuntu platform, i have tried 2 boxfilter smaple, also have tried 2 matrix mult-add, temprature all can exceed 95 degree.
  3. TX1 module is not modified after bought, you mean it need do something follow thermal design guide?

Please check the thermal design guide first (http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-thermal-design-guide), if the workload makes the temperature over the threshold point, system will throttle the performance to keep chip in safe. You need to make a better thermal solution to run a heavier workload.