Which thermal spec shall i meet, Maximum TTP operating temp or Recommended Tegra X2 operating limit temp?

Hello all,

I had finished the system level thermal test with TX2 Module.
Based on the thermal test result, the TTP is failed at 80.7℃(sepc: 80℃), but can meet the Recommended Tegra X2 operating temperature limit(spec=95.5℃) which the BCPU-temperature is 87.5℃.
And i had also confirmed the BCPU-temperature does not exceed 90℃ during the test when operating the CPU workload.
It means the product operate at the specified clock speeds due to the TX2 operating temperature limit didn’t reach.

Can NVIDIA team help to judge my case that the thermal performance requirement is sufficient or not?

(Note: The total module power dissipation is about 11.5 watts when operating the CPU workload.)


Hi, how long did you test? It looks that your thermal design make the TTP thermal capability worse, as in normal situation with good thermal design, the TTP temperature reach <=80C only when chip temperature reach limit.

Hi, Around two hours. Many thanks for your answer.

The θjp is fixed, and the delta Temperature between temperature limit and TTP temperature will difference under different power loading. And the test condition(ex: Tamb) also need to be consider.
Maybe at some specific application or test condition can result in TTP Temp<=80C when chip temperature reach limit.

But for my use case, i wanna know if the TX2 operating temperature limit didn’t reach even though the TTP temperature>80℃ can meet TX2 thermal spec or not.


The chip is safe as long as the chip temperature not reach limit, but as you know the θjp is fixed, so the thermal design should guarantee that the TTP temperature <=80C when chip temperature reach limit. Your thermal design seems not good enough since TTP reach 80 when chip temperature not reach limit.

Please take TTP temp as the spec, as there might be some components on board damaged if TTP temp > 80C.