Which 'tegrastats' temperature can be used to estimate TTP?


We are designing a custom heatsink for the TX2 SOM and would like to know if there is any way to determine TTP (80C requirement per the Thermal Design Guide) from the temperatures provided by tegrastats.

RAM 1040/7861MB (lfb 1511x4MB) CPU [3%@345,off,off,0%@345,0%@345,1%@345] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0% PLL@32.5C MCPU@32.5C PMIC@100C Tboard@29C GPU@31.5C BCPU@32.5C thermal@32.1C Tdiode@29.5C VDD_SYS_GPU 145/145 VDD_SYS_SOC 339/339 VDD_4V0_WIFI 0/0 VDD_IN 1674/1662 VDD_SYS_CPU 97/97 VDD_SYS_DDR 229/219

What do Tboard, Tdiode and thermal measure? Are any of these a proxy for TTP?

At what temperature (and on what thermal sensor) will the Tegra chip automatically throttle the clocks?


Temperature of TTP should be measured outside at a fixed point. For thermal design please check the guide first: http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx2-series-thermal-design-guide

We are aware of the thermal design guide, thanks.

Can you help us understand the temperature readings given by tegrastats?


Tegrastats will show the value of thermal zones, each zone has its corresponding area, design guide has listed the throttling point. To monitor TTP temp < 80C is to limit internal temperature in safe range.