How to stress the TX2 workload for checking thermal performance purpose?

Based on the Jetson_TX2i_Thermal_Design_Guide information, the Table 3-1. indicate the θjp value is 1.0 / 0.75 °C/W respectively under CPU only Workload and balanced Workload (CPU moderate, GPU heavy, SoC light, DRAM heavy use case).

We encounter the following two problems and need your assistance.

  1. How to stress the TX2 workload? Might need your help to provide the test tool and test method for CPU only workload / balanced workload scenario, so that we can follow it to check the TX2 module’s thermal status can meet spec or not.

  2. How to log the hardware information such as Tj temperature、fan duty and frequency etc.?

Thanks a lot and Best regards,
Allen Zhuang

Hi, Thermal solution is designed by customer’s use case, table 3-1 only lists several examples of different workload in “board + TTP” mode to show customer how to calculate the necessary thermal solution capability. The thermal performance of “board+TTP” is fixed and no need to be validated again. The θjp of custom design is case by case, customer can measure the θjp with heaviest workload of the use case and then calculate the θpa to design the thermal solution accordingly.

Regarding the question 2, you can read the Tj from therm_zone info, and also the fan duty and freq are programmable and readable. Please check this topic first:

Thanks for the reply, and sure i agree your opinion.

But another question is that are there any definition of CPU only Workload/Balanced workload? or the heaviest workload you mentioned?
Could you kindly help to provide any recommend test method or standard benchmark tool for the system level validation?

Deeply thanks your reply and best regards,
Allen Zhuang

No such tool is public as the workload in table is just example, customer should use their own use case to define the heaviest workload as needed.