Jetson TX2 Thermal Performance Testing

I’m trying to determine the best way to thermally exercise our system for testing.
The Jetson TX2 Thermal Design Guide says that there are two ways to do this (Table 3.1). The first, along with this thread, says to use our application (which, we can do). The second calls out a “GLBenchmark Manhattan Workload”.

Can someone help me find this benchmark?
I’d like to also use this method for our testing.

So far I’ve not come up with anything other than this … which isn’t a complete match.

Hi, as you can see in the thread you post, the performance table in guide is just for showing the examples of θjp in different use case. You don’t have to repeat GLBenchmark Manhattan Workload on your design, while you should use your own use case to it.

Thanks Trumany.
I am still interested in running that Benchmark until we have our application fully specified.
Can you provide some more information on how to do that?

All we can provide are in DLC now, no other info can be shared by now.

Downloadable Content?
If you can send me a link and some basic documentation that would be helpful!

Thank you!

DLC link:

Ok. I misunderstood what you said.
You meant that there is “no software that you can provide … all of the documentation you can provide is already posted to the DLC area.”

(I already have the Thermal Design Guide)

Can you tell me when further documentation as far as the specifics of the “GLBenchmark Manhattan Workload” will be shared?

No ETA for that by now.

I’m only trying to use the same benchmark workload as a secondary workload compared to what our actual use case is. The Manhattan Workload would be a “worse case” scenario.

That said, i’ll likely just end up using one of the commands to exercise the CPU to a max level and then turn off the fans (give them different duty cycles) since that hasn’t been shared …