Jetson X2 2resistor Thermal Simulation

I am looking to create a 2-resistor model for the Jetson TX2 using the information in the thermal design guide however it is not clear what the θjb is referring to?

I can infer from other threads that the θjp should be modelled using the full size of the module TTP. This would suggest that my model must have the 2-resistor component placed on top of the module PCB (θjb assuming is junction to board).

Is this correct or should my 2-resistor replcae the entire module with the underside of the rear transfer plate represented as θjb?


As you can see in the guide: the θjb value is provided for simulation of the Jetson TX2 module as a 2-resistor model in commercial CFD packages.

In general, the top side temperature is much higher than bottom side, so θjp can be simply get with temperature value of chip junction and one point of TTP of top side which is marked as red cross in thermal design guide.

Hi Trumany,

Please confirm how I should model the power application correctly in this set up. A 2-resistor is senstive to using the correct area when applying power.

Should I create a basic 2-resistor that is the size of the total model and apply the power over the whole area (87x50mm) in order to use this θjp, or should the power be applied only to the area of the GPU (16.2x16.2mm according to CAD)?


We are checking internally, will update once available.