AGX ORIN Industrial Thermal Specification


We are planning to use the Jetson AGX Orin Industrial.
In order to properly set up the thermal analysis, we would like to receive additional information about the components of the JAOi:

  1. Main components power dissipation, including GPU SOC and DDRs.
  2. Recommended junction temperature limitations of the main components – especially components with high power density or low temperature limit (below 100 °C)
  3. Thermal model information – Thermal resistances values:
    3.1. Junction to case of the main components, Theta_JC. Or alternatively – Junction to the top of the component’s case, Theta_JT.
    3.2. Junction to board, Theta_JB

Thank you.

Hi, please refer to the Jetson AGX Orin Series (including AGX Orin Industrial) Thermal Design Guide for the thermal design. That’s what we can provide.

I reviewed the Thermal Design Guide, but this document does include the asked parameters of the AGX Orin Industriail. Can you please refer to another source?

Thank you.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes, This is still relevant. Thank you.

Hi, thermal design guide is all we can share. According to previous feedback, customer should be able to make thermal solution based on that.

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