Cooling solutions for jetson agx orin

now i use jetson agx orin as the calculation unit,power dissipation is about 46W,it can be work stable at max 53 ° C ambient temperature(we need stable work for 70° C).i want to know what is the recommended cooling solutions?
i don’t want use fan,planned use total passive heat dissipation,i want to know what solutions and applications are available,thanks!
Is there any official heat dissipation guidance design document for jetson agx orin with black metal shell?
we use the module with black metal shell(100*87mm)。

Hi, please refer to Orin thermal design guide doc.

is there any solution or application for total passive heat dissipation without fan?

You can check with the vendors in ecosystem for that.

thanks,how much is the TDP of jetson AGX orin?if I use max 46W(current*vlotage),How to estimate the corresponding thermal power consumption?

As you can see in Orin module datasheet:

JAO 64GB Maximum Module Power: Up to 60 W
JAO 32GB Maximum Module Power: Up to 40W

The real power consumption depends on the use case, customer can make thermal design based on that following thermal design guide.

sorry,i want to know the tdp( Thermal Design Power) for thermal simulation,not the module power

i only see the 𝑃tmp = 50W

As you can see in the TDG: The MaxN power mode allows for higher operating power levels and supports the 60 W module power. Different power modes use different thermal offset settings as configured in the software. These thermal offset settings are implemented by NVIDIA to meet product safety and reliability standard and should not be modified.

can you provided the internal structure of jetson agx orin for thermal simulation(format stp)

Current docs in DLC are all what we can provide.

Thank you for your reply

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