Jetson TX2 NX TTP (Thermal Transfert Plate) Dimensioning

Hi folks,

We’re planning to buy Jetson TX2 NX at our company to put in our robot and I’m the engineer tasked with the physical integration of the module.

Our robot has to be waterproof, thus all existing heatsinks [1] are not really suited for the application. With previous Jetson modules we used to buy COTS TTP (thermal transfert plate) and juste mount the TTP against the side outer panel (3mm aluminium sheet) of our robot with a heatsink on the outside.

Unfortunately there is currently no COTS TTP on the market and we will most probably have to design our own. To do so I read the Jetson TX2 NX Thermal Design Guide [2] and downloaded the CAD file [3] containing the envelop of the module. The manual is extremely well design and the CAD is great for the dimensioning of a heatsink touching the SoC, but there are few details regarding the position of the LPDDR4 Memory as well as for some other components potentially requiring contact with the TTP.

I’ve seen on one of the COTS heatsinks for the TX2 NX that there are some special features, does anyone know where I could get those dimensions ?

Has anyone else already tried to design their own TTP or heatsink for the TX2 NX, do you have some feedback ?

I have also seen that there are spring leaves sold with some COTS heatsinks [1]. I could unfortunately not find them individually, does anyone know if there are suppliers selling only the TX2 NX spring leaf ?


I know that one solution could be to use thicker TIM, but I would really prefer to keep it relatively thin. TIM is great but the thermal conductivity is much better in aluminium

Hi, the data of module are not public. So please check with TTP vendor or do measuring manually.

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