Mechanical and Thermal data of Tegra X1

I am looking for mechanical drawing and thermal data for tegra X1. I have to perform some thermal simulation for our customer and he uses in his system a Jetson TX1 module. The module is part of a larger system that has one big heatsink an I am trying to optimize the thermal system. Some of our suppliers will provide an icepack file of the chips we are looking to keep cool.

Cold you please advise where I should look for this information?

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You can get the mechanical info in chapter 6.2 of module datasheet in download center:

For thermal design you can refer to thermal design guide in download center:

Thank you for replay.
Downloading the guide was first thing I have done. I am using a cfd software for thermal simulation where I have to define thermally the components that have power dissipation assigned. I am looking for thermal data for the chip tegra X1 not for the module jetson TX1. It is a little useless to apply 15W to a block that represents the whole module because the result might not tell me if the X1 is get too hot or not (I would expect that actually to have a hot spot where tegra X1 is in contact with the TTP and that is the point where I have to check if temperature is below 80C). I doing thermal simulation for few years now and I do not understand why is so hard to get some preliminary thermal data (thermal resistance J-B and J-C) or even a mechanical drawing of the chip (not the module).

TX1 is supported as module level, so only module and carrier board data are public. Are you using TX1 chip separately instead of the module?

I am using Jetson TX1 module. The system has to function at 50C with solar load, IP66 and natural convection in a relatively small plastic enclosure with a heat sink against the mounting wall (not to mention other
modules and sensors dissipating heat on the same heat sink). I downloaded the CAD model where I could find the mechanical size of the TX1 chip and use the thermal guide to define the TIM (fujipoly and Tflex 360). I hoped to use a two block model for TX1 but I lost any hope so I will just apply the power dissipation to one block. In the end, the secret internal architecture of TX1 is safe and I will no be able to build it in my garage.
Thank you for your replay and we can consider this inquiry closed.


I am looking to do a similar thermal management for my application.
what material and properties did you consider for the TTP plate at the top?

For some reason , I dont seem to find any info on that.