Thermal information for Tegra X1 component

  1. In the thermal design guide the recommended case operation temperature and the shutdown refer to the top of component (that usually called “case”) or to the die area (called "junction)?

  2. what is the Ɵjc of the Tegra X1 component and what is its package type ?

  3. What is the maximum power of this board (the total power)? In this case – what is the power (spent on heat) on the Tegra X1 component and on the DDRs?

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The thermal design guide is for customer to design their own thermal solution based on their use case. For nano, the key point is to keep all related component temperature below the spec as listed in table. The specific ɵ is a tested and calculated value based on specific use case as different use case has different power consumption and distribution. And so to the maximum power, it is case by case too. Thermal design guide has provided the temperature specs and calculation method of ɵ, customer only needs to follow that to make specific thermal solution.

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Hi Trumany,
Thanks. The Teta JC is an important feature for us to simulate our thermal dissipation solution.
Can you please check internally if such data is available.
for us to stimulate it based on the Teta JA is really difficult and problematic. Every electronic device has it’s own Teta JC, is it optional to get it from you?


You can take the Tcase = Tj.