Nano module thermal questions

I am working on the thermal design of the product which is using the nano module. We are operating with very little thermal margin, and need further detail than is provided in the jetson thermal design guide.

Could you supply the following?
• Do you have an existing CFD model of the module? If so in which format?
• Can you provide the JEDEC thermal package information for the TEGRA and DDR4 modules?
• The average power dissipation for the TEGRA and DDR4 modules, along with any other significant components. In particular, the components rated at 85°C max case (C1217, C344, U4, L502).
• Total module power dissipation, average and worst case.
• Board conductivity in XYZ dimensions.

Thank you.

Hi, what we provide till now are all in DLC, please check the docs there first: [url][/url]