Jetson Nano thermal management

Regarding Nano and NX for floyd box, this kernel include thermal management system.

If CPU temp will be high, CPU clock will be slower…

Do you know how to inhibit this thermal management ?

When operate 3rd party demo on nano system, this software does not work due to the slow clock speed. Can you suggest on this?

hello vbhm,

may I know what’s your actual use-case.

it’s Software Clock Throttling to reduce their operating frequencies.
please refer to developer guide. Thermal Specifications for reference,

Our customer say,
they have just install jetpack 4.5.1 into Nano (16G emmc).
When this system reboot and passed 10 min, they have watched alert message on screen.
Caution - Hot surface. Do Not Touch.
they have not install any application.

Their carrier board has only heat-sink.

hello vbhm,

please ask to enable tegrastats utility to monitor the reported statistics.

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Attached tegrastats result on Floyd/Nano shared by our customer. Also here is the update from them:
After booting nano system and set max clock(sudo nvpmodel -m 0),operating clock will be 1G(observed jtop tools)Hz.
But After running demo application(hand pose application) for 5-10 min ,clock speed become around 200MHz.(see attached result).
So camera FPS speed become from over 20FPS to less than 10FPS.
Nano_Log.txt (29.2 KB)

hello vbhm,

as you can see, it’s thermal issue to trigger software clock throttling ,
for example, ​

RAM 1746/3964MB (lfb 207x4MB) SWAP 0/1982MB (cached 0MB) CPU [95%@307,98%@307,96%@307,97%@307] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 12% PLL@94C CPU@97C PMIC@100C GPU@94C AO@103C thermal@95.75C
RAM 1745/3964MB (lfb 207x4MB) SWAP 0/1982MB (cached 0MB) CPU [95%@307,93%@307,96%@307,93%@307] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 21% PLL@94C CPU@97C PMIC@100C GPU@94C AO@103C thermal@95.5C
RAM 1747/3964MB (lfb 207x4MB) SWAP 0/1982MB (cached 0MB) CPU [97%@307,91%@307,94%@307,93%@307] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0% PLL@94C CPU@97C PMIC@100C GPU@93.5C AO@102.5C thermal@95C

please suggest customer to add fan for the thermal solution,

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Sure Thank you. I have already asked them to add a fan

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